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Quiz App aia file available with spreadsheet / Cloudstitch ! Unlimited Questions & Unlimited Question categories | Thunkable aia file

Platform : Thunkable

App APK link for testing purpose : https://dafaqdevelopers.com/Apps/Quiz_App_Saleee.apk

Price :
PayPal : 15 Dollars (10 Dollars for students) https://www.paypal.me/hiteshkyadav

Paytm : Rs 600 on 8744958220 or click here

I have a developed a quiz app using Thunkable and it can be used to create quiz app with unlimited questions and unlimited questions categories . The app is connected with Spreadhsheet so that developer can easily add any number of questions without updating the app again and again on playstore.

Thanks to extension developers : @ColinTree @Taifun @Helios for their wonderful extension which i have used in the app 

Tutorial video :


The app is very fast and smooth. Some of the features of app 

  1. Users can add questions from their mobile phone as well using spreadsheet ! Unlimited questions can be added and unlimited categories can also be added using spreadsheet.
  2. Any custom changes needed in the app will be fulfilled by me . i.e creating a different page for categories or questions.
  3. The app supports correct and wrong answer sound system. Audio is played when answer is correct and also when wrong answer is clicked !
  4. The app supports system to stop repetitive questions. Questions wont be repeated in the app during quiz.

and much more…

For those who are interested to get the AIA file of the app can buy it from m.

For any query , you can whatsapp me on 8744958220 or email dafaqdevelopers@gmail.com
Any further custom changes can be done in the app as per user requirement.

Some of the screenshots of app:







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