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NEWS App aia FILE- Using card view extension | APPYBUILDER

Platform : Appybuilder

APK File Link :https://dafaqdevelopers.com/Apps/NewsAppSale.apk

Price :
10 dollars : https://www.paypal.me/dafaq
or Rs 350 Paytm / Whatsapp on 8744958220 or click here

I developed this app using cardview extension.
Thanks to the developers of cardview extension and thunkable.

This is an API bases application which loads news and information from a free API.
This app was developed using another app inventor clone. i posted it here coz it uses cardview extension and developers may get idea to use it.

Promo Video :

Some screenshots of the app :

Screenshot_2017-12-15-22-36-16-463_com.appybuilder.companiongold.png720x1280 26.2 KB 

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